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Download as CSV Close. DLL” “FirefoxInstaller. DLL” “setup-stub. MUI” “setup-stub. DLL” “iexplore. All Details:. Firefox Installer. Filename Firefox Installer. Visualization Input File PortEx. Classification TrID EXE Win32 Executable generic 4. EXE 5. EXE C Files compiled with CL. EXE 7. NET build: 1.

NET build: 2. EXE 6. File Certificates Certificate chain was successfully validated. Download Certificate File 7. Tip: Click an analysed process below to view more details. Domain Address Registrar Country firefox.

COM Domain Name firefox. NET Name Server ns Associated Artifacts for ocsp. Associated Artifacts for Contacted Countries. ET rules applied using Suricata. Find out more about proofpoint ET Intelligence here. Download All Memory Strings 2. This program cannot be run in DOS mode. Customized for Mozilla. DigiCert, Inc. Firefox Unicode based on Runtime Data setup-stub. Hi there, nice to meet you! Interested in having a direct impact on hundreds of millions of users? Mozilla Firefox Unicode based on Runtime Data setup-stub.

Portions of this content are by individual mozilla. Program Files Unicode based on Runtime Data setup-stub. System32 Unicode based on Runtime Data setup-stub. That happens sometimes. Lets try something different. Windows Unicode based on Runtime Data setup-stub. Privilege Escalation Defense Evasion.

Kaspersky Internet Security has a straightforward, user-friendly interface. The plug-ins extend the functionality of these programs by making Kaspersky. As soon as you install Kaspersky Internet Security, its icon will appear in the.

The icon is an indicator for Kaspersky Internet Security functions. It reflects the. The Kaspersky Internet Security icon changes in relation to the operation being. To open the Kaspersky Internet Security main window at the Protection section. If news from Kaspersky Lab is available, the following icon will appear in the.

Exit — close Kaspersky Internet Security when this option is selected, the. The Kaspersky Internet Security main window see Figure 2 can be logically.

You can open the Kaspersky Internet Security settings window from the main. Kaspersky Internet Security includes a task for a computer virus scan located in. Kaspersky Internet Security will ask you after installation if you want to train.

Kaspersky Lab updates databases and modules for Kaspersky Internet Security. By default, Kaspersky Internet Security automatically checks for updates on the. Kaspersky Lab servers. If the server has the latest updates, Kaspersky Internet. As a result, Kaspersky Internet Security will begin the update process, and.

If the application restore procedure does not help, contact Kaspersky Lab. By default, Kaspersky Internet Security boots at startup and protects your. The words Kaspersky Internet Security. You can fully or partially disable the protection provided by Kaspersky Internet. Kaspersky Lab strongly recommend that you not disable real-time protection,.

Remember that if Kaspersky Internet Security is somehow in conflict with other. Running Kaspersky Internet Security may sometimes create conflicts with other.

At application startup. Run task or send notification every time Kaspersky. To choose what malicious programs Kaspersky Internet Security will protect you. Per recommendations of Kaspersky Lab. If all groups are selected, Kaspersky Internet Security provides the fullest. Kaspersky Lab does not recommend disabling monitoring for the second group. If a situation arises when Kaspersky Internet Security classifies a program that.

A trusted zone is a list of objects created by the user, that Kaspersky Internet. Exclusion rules are sets of conditions that Kaspersky Internet Security uses to. The Threat type is the status that Kaspersky Internet Security assigns to an.

Kaspersky Internet Security views this sort of application. Define which Kaspersky Internet Security components will use this rule. Kaspersky Internet Security provides the capability to create a list of trusted. By default, Kaspersky Internet Security scans objects opened, run, or saved by. The Kaspersky Internet Security component that protect your computer files. It will. New threats detected using heuristic analysis are quickly analyzed by Kaspersky.

Kaspersky Lab considers them to be optimal and has. When disinfecting or deleting an object, Kaspersky Internet Security creates a. If you use The Bat! Kaspersky Internet Security protects your email at one of these levels see. Recommended — Kaspersky Lab experts recommend this level. It scans the. It can quickly access Mail Anti-Virus settings, and. Kaspersky Internet Security protects you while you use the Internet at one of the. Recommended — settings of this level are recommended by Kaspersky Lab.

For Kaspersky Internet Security not to process? Kaspersky Internet Security protects you both from known threats and from new. The preventative technologies provided by Kaspersky Internet Security Proactive. Kaspersky Internet Security monitors application activity on your computer. Kaspersky Internet Security analyzes the activity of. The list of dangerous activities can be extended automatically by the Kaspersky. Specifics of configuring application activity control in Kaspersky Internet.

Kaspersky Internet Security comes with a list of critical. Kaspersky Lab specialists have created a list. Note that Kaspersky Internet Security trains the first time you run the controlled. Kaspersky Internet Security includes a list of common components which are. Kaspersky Internet Security, Microsoft-signed components: components can be.

Kaspersky Lab has created a list of rules that control registry file operations, and. The component of Kaspersky Internet Security which protects you against all. Kaspersky Lab specialists populate the list.

The Kaspersky Internet Security Firewall component ensures your security on. Kaspersky Internet Security also includes a set of allow rules for trusted. Kaspersky Internet Security breaks down the entire network space into security. When you use the network, Kaspersky Internet Security protects your computer. Kaspersky Internet Security includes a set of rules for the commonest Microsoft.

Kaspersky Internet Security includes a set of rules that it uses to filter incoming. Banner blocking may be disabled,. Kaspersky Internet Security includes a list of masks for the most common banner. This list is compiled by Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Internet Security protects you from spam at one of the following levels. Kaspersky Lab specialists have optimally configured Anti-Spam to recognize. User s can create black and white lists manually, by using Anti-Spam with their. This User Guide describes how to. Parental Control is a Kaspersky Internet Security component that monitors user. User access to websites is restricted by giving a user one of the three preinstalled. This level’s settings are recommended by Kaspersky Lab experts.

Kaspersky Lab specialists, and are grouped into the Medium security level. The same files. Kaspersky Internet Security does not delete compressed file formats that it does. Kaspersky Lab considers them to be optimal and has combined them in. After installing and configuring Kaspersky Internet Security, we recommend that. Kaspersky Internet Security will detected, label it a virus, and. To test the reactions of Kaspersky Internet Security when different types of.

This way, by selecting different options for actions, you can test Kaspersky. Previous versions of Kaspersky Lab applications have supported. Before updating databases, Kaspersky Internet Security creates backup copies.

Every time you begin updating, Kaspersky Internet Security first creates a. Kaspersky Internet Security application modules. Update sources can exist as. These are special. Kaspersky Internet Security adds new update sources at the top of the list, and. Kaspersky Lab has servers. Choosing the Kaspersky Lab update server closest to you.

If a network resource is specified as an update source, Kaspersky Internet. This option allows Kaspersky Lab to. Note that Kaspersky Internet Security 7. Kaspersky Lab recommends that you scan quarantined objects and startup. Kaspersky Internet Security has a built-in scan task for startup.

Kaspersky Internet Security needs a key file to operate. You are provided with a. Kaspersky Internet Security will run in one update mode. The program will not. The program will notify you two weeks. Install the key by clicking Install Key under Activation in the Kaspersky. Kaspersky Lab regularly has special pricing offers on license extensions for.

Check for specials on the Kaspersky Lab website in the. Kaspersky Internet Security has other features that expand its functionality.

Monitored ports can regulate which Kaspersky Internet Security modules control. Kaspersky Lab. If a malicious program is modified by a hacker but these. It is quite possible that this is a new type of threat, so Kaspersky Internet.

Kaspersky Internet Security component actions, virus task scans and updates. To process dangerous objects detected by Kaspersky Internet Security, press. The full filename and path is shown for each object,. Dangerous objects detected by Kaspersky Internet Security are processed using. The report lists a link to the.

Note that Kaspersky Internet Security only works in system rescue mode if the. This window provides a list of ports monitored by Kaspersky Internet Security. When any of its components starts, Kaspersky Internet Security opens port Kaspersky Internet Security utilizes these settings for several. Kaspersky Internet Security gives you the option of changing the appearance of. All colors, fonts, icons, and text used in the Kaspersky Internet Security. Note that modifications of Kaspersky Internet Security interface settings are not.

Kaspersky Internet Security provides you with the following advanced features. Different kinds of events occur in Kaspersky Internet Security. They can be of an. To receive updates on Kaspersky Internet Security operation, you can use the. Click here to sign up. Download Free PDF. Shadrack B Kweingoti. General Description Specific Requirements It defines the product functions, user characteristics, constraints under which it must operate, how the system will react to external stimuli, and specific requirements of the system.

This document is intended for both the stakeholders and developers of the system. Record Keeping Refers to courses taken at each semester, course dropping, course adding, course Process: replacing and personnel record entry processes.

Student Personal Refers to personal records of student. Information : Transcript Refers to information containing student name, course codes, course title, Information: academic status, grade, semester, year, and CGPA.

Section 2. It also provides product perspectives, product functions, user characteristics, general constraints, and assumptions and dependencies of the system.

Section 3. It will contain functional and performance requirements, design constraints, attributes and external interface requirements for the USIURMS. In order to be easily understandable, this part of SRS provides a background for the requirements. The detailed definitions can be found in Section 3 of the SRS.

The combo boxes and the radio buttons will be used to prevent users from entering wrong type of information. They will also enable fast data entry. Text boxes will be controlled for avoiding invalid and inconsistent data. There will be two types of messages for constructive advice to the users: error and confirmation messages. There will be five types of users, and each user will access the screens according to their types after entering their id and passwords. Standard screen format, fixed colors, fonts, background, the page layout, will be used throughout the interfaces.

The language of the user interfaces will be English. Client Side Any Personal computer, which can support any X-window or Windows environment with a mouse support, is acceptable. Whenever necessary the administrator can delete the user by Delete User. The authorized users may change their passwords by Change Password.

In addition, if they forget their passwords, the administrator can assign them a new password by Change User Password. All the information about the students can be updated by Update Student. The registered students may also be deleted from the system by Delete Student.

They can also send mail to each other using Mail Notify. The new user can be a course advisor, student, lecturer or the registrar. After entering the information about the user, the system gives a unique user id and password to the users and notifies them by e-mail. The registrar shall either register courses to the system or delete courses from the system.

The related sub-functions are the following: 2. Also they have experience with at least Window 7, and Internet browsing skills. They also have experience about rules and regulations of USIU. The file will include the required data student id, student name, course code, course title, academic status, year, semester, CGPA and the grade of the course.

Related hardware and software limitations are stated in sections 2. At the beginning of every semester, RO file will be supplied by RO. Specific Requirements 3. Any incorrect data is not tolerable. In such a case, RO should correct this data. Unit of Measure: None. Timing: Beginning of every semester. Relationships to Other Inputs: None. Data Format: The file data will include student id, student name, course title, course code, year, semester, grade, and CGPA respectively.

The file format will be either in Excel spreadsheets or text file. Command Formats: None. If it is a valid login, the system shall determine the status of the user. Input: user id and password Process: The user id and password are checked from the database, and if they are valid a new session will be created depending on the status of the user.

Otherwise, an error message will warn the user. Output: Error message or successful login 3. The new password and confirm password fields are entered. If they match, the old password will be updated with the new one. Output: Error or confirmation message will be displayed.

Then the system finds the email addresses of the recipients by querying the database according to their user ids. Then, the message text will be sent to the recipients. Output: error message or e-mail notification to the user s and confirmation message will be displayed. Input: user id, name, department, e-mail address, address, status, password. The function will also check the database whether the user already exists or not. According to the results, the system adds the user to the all user list with a confirmation message, and notifies the user by e-mail user id, password , or the function displays an error message.

Output: error message or updated all user list, confirmation message, and e-mail notification to the user will be displayed. Input: user id. Process: The administrator activates the function and enters the user id.

The function also checks from the database whether the user already exists or not.


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